Poppy Things

Overflowing with Gratitude!

Chelsey SawallichComment

I am 100% ugly crying right now! Wanna know why? Because my Kickstarter campaign is now officially funded! I can’t believe it. That it actually worked. That my dream is becoming reality. That enough people believed in me and pledged their hard earned money and showed their support. That a goal that felt so far away is now right around the corner.

Twelve year old me would probably react the same way that I’m currently reacting- VERY HAPPY TEARS.

This all started in the 6th grade, drawing outfits for my teachers. Making mood boards from Seventeen Magazine clippings, copying the looks with the clothes that I had- subjecting myself to bullying with enough self love to not show that I cared. I have a very vivid memory of seeing a look in the magazine that was skinny jeans paired with pointy toed heels. I rolled up my pants to make them more narrowed, wore my grandma’s lipstick, borrowed her heels and wore them around all day at school even though my heels bled.


That strong willed twelve year old knew what she wanted and what made her happy. Now this 24 year old woman still knows that happiness is the ultimate goal and Poppy Things is a very big part of that. This Kickstarter doesn’t mean that everything is going to be easy now. There is still so much hard work to come. But what it did do is make this dream 1,000 steps closer than I would have been on my own.

As production in Lansing, Michigan gets rolling I’ll of course be posting updates. Until then, pop the bubbly, I’m sending some wine clinks your way!

I love you and I THANK you.